Reviews Varius

  • Silvia

    I had the second stage of the varicose veins. The veins were very noticeable on the skin. Swelling and pain tormented him constantly. Daughter bought me a Gel variusthough I hoped for nothing. Enjoyed long, probably about a year. But my case was very executed. The first thing I noticed — the skin was normal. Then gradually the pain and swelling disappeared. Steel is less visible varicose veins bumps. It is a true magic.

  • Citra

    I have varicose veins. And it shows not only on the legs. When I first heard the cramps, I suggested that I was bad with heart. Passed full inspection, but the heart disease discovered diagnosed and varicose veins. Bought Gel varius on the recommendation of the attending physician. Already after the first use, the result is noticed: the pain is gone and the cramps have stopped.

  • Dinda

    Varicose veins plagued me for almost 12 years. I have a lot of tried, all means of ointments, creams, tablets. But the best drug I find Gel Varius. It is very pleasant, cools the skin, swelling quickly cleans, absorbs well, has a pleasant smell. After its use, no irritation, and itching of the skin, as after the application of other means. I notice that the inflammation and the swelling to go.

  • Kiki

    Buy varius a friend of mine advised. It is even more special for me, a medium from Moscow sent, because it is in my city is not for sale. Apply Gel I about a month. The drug has like me. Quickly fatigue and pain of the feet, swelling. After a month of application was veins almost imperceptibly on the skin. Now I turn the drug-already prophylactically.

  • Sherly

    After the birth of the child there were problems with the veins. Not really helped. Feet at the end of the day, just with a venous cusp. Went to the doctor, who advised me to buy varius. Gel against varicose veins, I use it twice a day. The first results I noticed after a few days. Subsided the pain and swelling disappeared. Vienna began to look almost normal. I am very satisfied with the treatment.

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