Experience in the use Varius

Your history for the successful use of Gel Varius with us Natalia from Rostov.

Tell us about your experience with the use of the cream Varius. As I discovered on the foot of the blue vein, the very strong appearance of ruin, the colleagues at work, I was told immediately that it was varicose veins and to heal is almost impossible. protrude Maybe my beautiful and slim legs and envy. But I was not react to such provocative statements, decided to know, to do, the professional opinion of doctors and anything to cure the disease, and aesthetics back on your feet.

Purchase Gel Varius

The doctor recommended to me a novelty which is not so long time ago there was in Spain — Gel Varius. Ordered on the Website for the price . Used strictly according to the instructions. After a few days noticed that the occurring veins not so visible, and after 3 weeks the skin was smooth and almost without a vascular grid. At the same time, the swelling and pain disappeared at the end of the pain, I disappeared first, banal fatigue at work and heavy after wearing shoes with heels, depreciated and cramps in the night. As I learned from the doctor, all signs of varicose veins. My experience in dealing with Varius Amounted to a total of 4 weeks.

Now I take the drug as a preventive measure, do regular exercise for the legs according to the method of Helen malyshevoy, which combine in the popular program, the exercises with the Gel. The exercises are very easy to raise the foot upward from a lying Position, pokatat Tennis balls of the feet, on the tips of the toes and rolls to the heels. A full range can be found easily on the Internet. When this Gel is applied on the problematic area several times a day and immediately in front of the gymnastics.

Experience in the use of Varius

All means recommend Varius

The drug has pleased me very well. He has a very pleasant consistency and a delicate flavor that quickly brings relief to the feet, causing no discomfort in the application. The Gel I ordered on the official Website of the manufacturer. Lucky — got a good discount. For the first time, I bought a medium for itself, and the second — for all of my mother's that had similar problems. They also took a full course, and already felt considerable success. I have recently shared her experience with the use of the gel Varius with a friend, you also have the drug and was happy. All recommend Varius as a reliable remedy against varicose veins.