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Varius Natural micellar Gel-cream for the treatment of varicose veins. The drug is sold for the treatment and prevention of varicose veins in Madrid (Spain). Varicose veins disease, the suffering, as women and men. It is an insidious disease, not noticeable in the early stages. The emergence of swelling and heaviness in the legs, a lot of debt on simple fatigue at the end of the working day. But with time in the body, a serious pathology develops. Venous vessels expanded, thinning of the walls and the disorder of blood circulation.

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User reviews Varius in Madrid

  • Dinda

    Varicose veins plagued me for almost 12 years. I have a lot of tried, all means of ointments, creams, tablets. But the best drug I find Gel Varius. It is very pleasant, cools the skin, swelling quickly cleans, absorbs well, has a pleasant smell. After its use, no irritation, and itching of the skin, as after the application of other means. I notice that the inflammation and the swelling to go.

  • Sherly

    After the birth of the child there were problems with the veins. Not really helped. Feet at the end of the day, just with a venous cusp. Went to the doctor, who advised me to buy varius. Gel against varicose veins, I use it twice a day. The first results I noticed after a few days. Subsided the pain and swelling disappeared. Vienna began to look almost normal. I am very satisfied with the treatment.