Tights in the pregnancy: can I wear

Before tights were invented, the women, including pregnant women, without they come out. Modern Fashion industry, offers thoughts on the beauty and comfort of women, special types of underwear, including tights in the pregnancy. And if you need to and different from the conventional products?

Whether to wear tights during pregnancy?

Tights in the pregnancy

Whether or not wearing tights in the pregnancy is the question a lie, because the pantyhose in the pregnancy as necessary as the the rest of the time. It is not only underwear, but also an accessory to complement the clothes and shoes. Transparent products, make legs more beautiful and slimmer, and this is extremely important for the good mood of the pregnant woman. Warm for warmth and comfort, which is not less important.

Economical variant of the pantyhose in pregnancy – traditional, with a low waist and a soft rubber band. You wear "under the belly". Special more expensive, they contain the implementation, the "grow" together with the enlargement of the uterus. Inserts of soft hydrophilic materials, usually cotton or velour, which are capable of holding a heat transfer and micro-circulation. In the "Winter" products in addition to socks and heels warm.

The second type of products – clamp ring, especially for the prevention of varicose veins. You selectively, not led tips of incompetent people, it should be better to ask the advice of your doctor or flebologa that, if necessary, the investigation.

Some women feel themselves to be in compression stockings and wear them instead of tights in the pregnancy. They come in different models:

  • traditional;
  • with strap and Velcro fastener;
  • with the open socks (heels);
  • with silicone gusset and delicate lace.

What tights to wear in pregnancy?

Tights in the pregnancy, as in other times, we need to protect against the cold, the feeling of warmth and coziness for healthy legs. If you are requires problems with the vessels of the lower extremities special pantyhose. This so-called wear compression stockings for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins.

What are the characteristics and what tights to wear in pregnancy? Soon enough, ordinary tights to buy, just a number larger. Later on, you need special products, and in the last Trimester, maybe – preventive clamping ring.

  • Tights in the pregnancy, need to maintain a delicate the growing tummy. So the front is elastic, dense, but the Material.
  • Uses a special cut with inlay, in terms of the increase in the abdomen, broad and soft cuffs.
  • High-quality tights have flat seams, or not at all. Bulky seams are a source of discomfort.
  • In the cold season, tights are worn with wool or cotton.
  • It is desirable that the examination of the information on the label about the manufacturer, the composition and quality of the materials.

Moreover, this type of lingerie is to choose, as in ordinary cases. For spring and summer thin products are suitable for cold pore density. Ultra – fine 15-Denki, as close as possible – 200. Nylon products are not stretched, but the models with the addition of lycra or polyamide, provide for sufficient elasticity.

How to wear tights during pregnancy?

A real woman wears no tights, only how, and with what came. It is an accessory that complements the entire Ensemble of clothes and shoes, and therefore harmonize in color, texture, and so on.

How to wear tights in the pregnancy, depending on fashion trends and personal preferences. Women wear pantyhose in pregnancy under dresses, Shorts and pants in various lengths (Capri pants). Tights with patterns, shiny or matt, physical, black or colored, all right, only to the expectant mother felt elegant and attractive.

But the most important thing is what we must not forget in this period of time, comfort and safety. This is especially true for the cold season. In this time, the pantyhose in pregnancy dense texture need, with a large part of the natural yarns in the composition. Such products wear and woolen dresses, and pants.

Properly selected tights getting dressed in the morning, if the swelling is minimal. You can pre-lie down with raised legs to the top. To prevent damage, remove decoration and treat the nail file nails. You can wear also wear delicate gloves.

It follows part of the capture heels pantyhose from the inside and insert a leg into the foot. The upper part of the product is distributed carefully over the entire lower leg and thigh, alignment of lines and wrinkles. Then you tighten and align the upper part of the tights. If nowhere pulls and not rubbing, all the parts comfortably "sit" in the product, the tights have to be covered.

Compression stockings in pregnancy

It is no secret that in the period vynashivanija the child increases the likelihood of varicose veins, and when in history has there been such a Problem, then it is escalated, especially in the case of the second and subsequent pregnancies. The hormonal changes carries a negative effect on the veins.

In this case, you should visit a doctor, the advise certainly, wearing compression stockings during pregnancy. This elastic underwear is the framework for additional veins that evenly distributes the pressure in the right direction, which venous return is improved, and the expectant mother feels is a desirable lightness in the feet. Thus, it is prevented that unwanted varicose veins.


Clothes and underwear for pregnant women sell on the Internet, specialty shops and departments. The choice of varicose veins stockings to choose, you should at least three criteria: quality, functionality, naturalness. In view of the fact that they are not drawn, it is necessary to select the size, the appropriate individual. Please note the following:

  • Compression socks should have no seams.
  • The safety of the material confirms the character of the Standard RAL.
  • A good choice of Jersey material, with a braid cotton.
  • Preferably, you buy two pairs on the exchange.
  • Love does not mean the best; priority – comfortable underwear, regardless of the price.

The clamping ring products give 4 classes; the first is suitable for the prophylaxis, the rest of the apply to the therapeutic target, due to medical reasons. Their density is measured in millimeters of mercury.

For example, the first class of the wise women, the group of risk, the second – in the case of regular pain and swelling, the third – in the case of chronic diseases type of Thrombophlebitis. Full information on these indicators, which are confirmed on the packaging, the quality and originality of the product. The price ranges from a few dollars up to 100 dollars.

Waist pantyhose in pregnancy

At the beginning of the pregnancy women the cost of traditional tights. If you are uncomfortable, go for products with a low waist, where the Gum is located at the bottom of the belly, tights or larger. Special pantyhose recommended somewhere after a five-month period.

Waist pantyhose in the pregnancy, even occasionally, is carry undesirable. They disrupt the normal blood flow to the lower extremities and the pelvis, which negatively affects the internal organs and fetus. Is not delivered to him the blood, and consequently oxygen is sufficient, leading to hypoxia. The constant wearing of such pants and inhibits the development of the fetus and the uterus.

Even non-pregnant women and is quite healthy women is not recommended, the wearing of underwear is more than 6 – 8 hours at a stretch. Contraindications hypertension, Angina pectoris, varicose veins, heart rhythm disturbances, worsening of female diseases, neoplasms of different nature. Corrective tights are in need of a woman after the successful birth of a child.

Nylon pantyhose in pregnancy

Modern masters Affairs, stockings have long since learned to like pregnant women. In the assortment of products there are different varieties, including Nylon stockings during pregnancy. But helpful those tights are in the pregnancy, if you from synthetic?

Synthetic fabrics are beautiful and stylish, but the downside is that these tights exposed to non-breathable and warm, the skin sweats and overheating, including the effect of pathogenic micro-organisms. The most common Problem that occurs in such cases, is thrush.

But that's not the only complication, the wearing of Capron. In the cold season, such products of a sub-cooling to carry and provoke cystitis. Pain and burning during urination – the undeniable signs of inflammation, with work related to a visit to the urologist.

Finally, the products from Nylon can be nothing to help women who are prone to varicose veins. If his care is the prevention, follow by the extension of venous vessels in the future, the woman the Rest of your life. And worse in the next pregnancy.

Alternative – specific products with orthopedic and sculpting effects. You can reduce the negative effects of the hormonal changes, growing volumes, and masses of the mother and the fetus. Their higher price compared to conventional, nothing, because it is about the preservation of the health, which needs to be protected from an early age.

Tights varicose veins in pregnancy

Why are pantyhose and tights of varicose veins in pregnancy? If the answers are short, then for the prevention of varicose veins. Physiological changes in the body of the pregnant woman contribute, the pressure on the veins, hinders the outflow of venous blood. As a result, the enlargement of the blood vessels to varicose veins what.

Compression stockings in pregnancy a good work with the prevention of the problem. When mounting the blood is distributed, the squeezing of the deeper vessels, improves microcirculation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. The force of the contraction decreases in the direction from the bottom to the top, "pushing" the blood flow to the heart.

Therapeutic underwear to wear in the morning, still in bed, and not to shoot the whole day. To avoid allergies children soap should be washed. After washing the tights retain their shape and quality, if the drying in the horizontal plane. Some of the models don't look as aesthetically pleasing as we would like, but if you want to you and beautiful products. The more that the priority in this case, no doubt for comfort and practicality.


Models of products for varicose veins for pregnant women offer comfort thanks to the special design in the area of the abdomen, and the special technology of processing. In particular, some manufacturers use active silver ions to eliminate odor and protect against microorganisms. In Ukraine, the products of domestic production, as well as produced in Latvia, Germany, Italy, Poland, the United States.

Pantyhose in pregnancy – an important piece of clothing. They are necessary and important, and, like everything else, must of changed circumstances, to the fullest extent in support of comfort and good mood of mother-to-be. On the market of the female accessories, enough of such models. You have a choice, dear mom.